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EnergyVets resource group perform the Fallen Comrade Table ceremony
The EnergyVets Employee Resource Group take part in the Fallen Comrade Table ceremony at the Energy Department. 

In honor of Memorial Day, the EnergyVets performed a little known tradition known as the Fallen Comrade Table or Missing Man Table. This table is our way of acknowledging members of the military who are missing from our midst. They are those Killed in Action, Prisoners of War, and those listed as Missing in Action. Military dining facilities often designate special tables or areas to honor fallen comrades. Many members of the DOE community include the Secretarial Staff joined the EnergyVets as they celebrated and honored the sacrifices of our Nation’s Fallen Comrades by honoring their contribution and legacy of defending freedom for all.

The EnergyVets are a Department of Energy Employee Resource Group.  Did you know that more than a third of the DOE workforce is a Veteran? 

Military veterans have served and are still serving their country. Vets work in all parts of the agency from the National Laboratories, the National Nuclear Security Administration, the power marketing administrations, Fossil Energy Office, the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office, and more--as Feds and M&O partners.  Their experience, leadership skills, adaptability, and dedication make Veterans an excellent fit for civil service.

EnergyVets help service members adjust to working as a civilian, help agency leaders understand what Veterans bring to the table, provide information about events, and observances to the broader DOE community.   EnergyVets offer Veterans and non-veterans personal and professional networking opportunities aligned with the mission of DOE. 

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