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The Department of Energy's (DOE) Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a valuable counseling and consultation service available to Federal employees.  Feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear are understandably high as information about the COVID-19 pandemic is being shared on the news and among family, friends, and colleagues.  Discussing your concerns and sharing your fears can help you put them in perspective, manage your feelings, and develop healthy coping strategies.

The Department’s number one priority is the health and safety of its employees and has a robust EAP to support its employees and their family members. The Department is in partnership with Espȳr for EAP services, which offers an array of resources aimed at supporting personal and workplace well-being.  EAP services are available 24 hours a day and services are free and confidential within the bounds of the law.  

To Request EAP Services

As the Department is maximizing telework flexibilities while maintaining operations to limit the spread of COVID-19, EAP services have transitioned to providing remote support to accommodate as many people as possible.  For Federal employees at DOE Headquarters, please call below to schedule a phone appointment with the Department’s EAP Specialist:

·         Forrestal EAP Office: (202) 586-4995

·         Germantown EAP Office: (301) 903-4995

·         After hours counseling emergencies and work-life resources, please contact Espȳr at (877) 801-5752

For Federal DOE employees outside the DC Metro area, please contact Espȳr at (877) 801-5752 for counselors.

Online EAP Services

Espȳr also offers many online resources, such as live and archived webinars, articles, and assessments, providing assistance on a variety of topics related to COVID-19.  This includes managing stress, developing resilience, talking to your children about the coronavirus, effectively working from home, and for supervisors, managing remote teams during this time of maximum telework.

In addition, Espȳr will refer employees to discounted legal and financial services, child and eldercare services, pet care, and daily living needs such as home improvement, cleaning, and more.  Espȳr also has a mobile app for immediate access to the website.  Please visit for more information.

DOE COVID-19 Resources

Finally, as a reminder, a COVID-19 Hotline has been established at 202-586-COVD (202-586-2683), and a COVID-19 inbox has been established at  (  for reporting potential or confirmed COVID-19 cases across the entire DOE Complex as well as to answer general, human resources, and non-emergency questions that federal employees, federal supervisors and on-site service support contractors may have.  This mailbox is set up to accept secure emails, and please encrypt or password protect any communications containing personally identifiable information, such as an individual's name.  The COVID-19 Response Team will follow up with you in an expeditious manner.