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A Word from the Artist:

While my own art and design background ventures far from the scientific expertise of these historical women, I am a women’s history buff and love telling visual stories of success amid adversity.

The women we highlighted last month overcame significant racial and gender-based discrimination in their struggle to carve their own way in fields largely closed to women — civil engineering, mathematics, genetics, and more. I have been honored to illustrate the portraits of these women and shine a vibrant light on their stories.

While society is still making strides toward equality, we have yet to achieve true gender parity in STEM.  The coloring book is meant as a small reminder to the next generation of girls interested in math, science, and engineering to work hard, be brave, and know they are continuing the legacy of some amazing, tenacious women.

And, of course, to always color outside the lines.

– Cort


Read our "Five Fast Facts" blog posts to learn more about their lives, their accomplishments, and the challenges they overcame, then print out the Women in STEM 2017 Coloring Book and color in your own version of their portraits.

Cort Kreer
Cort Kreer is a former graphic designer at the U.S. Department of Energy.
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