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Driving alternative fuel vehicles is a great way to reduce petroleum consumption, but finding fueling stations can be a challenge. To help those drivers, the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) provides an Alternative Fuel Station Locator.

Even if you’ve checked it out before, the talented folks at the AFDC have made some big changes to the locator since the last time we covered it. The number of publicly accessible stations in the database recently passed the 10,000 mark, which means that owning and fueling your alternative fuel vehicle is now easier than ever. This number includes 4,600 electric vehicle charging stations installed by ChargePoint, Ecotality and other charging station manufacturers.

The locator provides information on biodiesel, ethanol, electricity, hydrogen, natural gas and propane stations. It helps drivers, fleet managers, researchers and others:

  • Identify alternative fueling stations in a given state, city or ZIP code.
  • Map a driving route with stations identified along the way.
  • Determine the total number of alternative fueling stations in a particular state, the country as a whole, or other geographic areas.
  • Sort and view station data and locations by fuel type.
  • Obtain contact information and payment options for individual stations.
  • Download station data into a spreadsheet for independent analysis and use.
  • Submit new stations for inclusion in the database.

If you’re on the road and have a smartphone, you can use the mobile version to find nearby fueling stations too.

Along with the new features and look, the AFDC has added a number of options for including its data in your own websites and tools. Clicking the “Embed” feature on the Station Locator provides html code that web developers can easily paste into their sites, just like we have done on The tool’s station data is also available via data feeds from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s developer site. Developers who access the data can tailor it to their own interests and geographical needs, to reveal anything from natural gas stations in Seattle to biodiesel stations in Alabama. They can also create mashups that combine the station data with data from other sources to provide new, unique tools and capabilities.

What does this mean for me?

You can use the Station Locator plan trips and find fueling stations near your home or business.