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American Chemistry Council

“We welcome DOE’s latest report, which affirms the exciting opportunity for growth in petrochemical and plastic resin manufacturing in the Appalachian region. Proximity to a world-class supply of feedstocks and to the manufacturing markets of the Midwest and Eastern U.S. have already led a number of companies to announce or consider investment projects, and there is potential for more.” –American Chemistry Council

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

“Time and again, Pennsylvania’s business leaders and workers have come together to make the best use of our state’s diverse natural resources to power this nation in times of war and peace. Now, as we look to recover from the pandemic and re-shore American manufacturing, this report makes abundantly clear the Appalachian basin is perfectly suited to be a cornerstone of making that strategy a reality and to position America for long-term economic and environmental success. We applaud the administration and the Department of Energy’s leadership in recognizing Pennsylvania’s potential in this regard.” – Gene Barr, President and CEO, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

Pennsylvania Chemistry Industry Council

“We applaud the administration’s leadership in supporting the development of infrastructure to localize the benefit of our natural gas resources currently being exported out of state and country.

From PPE to face shields, disinfectants, oxygen masks and sterile single-use medical tools, petrochemicals are playing a critical role in immediate fight against COVID-19 and long-term recovery.

We’re fortunate to have so many of these companies in the region, removing our reliance other countries to import critical supplies to ensure the health and safety of our communities and most vulnerable populations.

We look forward to attracting additional state-of-the-art facilities and investments like the Shell Petrochemical Complex to create a manufacturing renaissance in Appalachia, with sustained tax revenue and long term job growth.” – Abby Foster, President of the Pennsylvania Chemistry Industry Council

Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association

“The Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association is truly excited about the role our members can play in realizing a petrochemical renaissance that will benefit not only our state but the entire nation. We are grateful for the vision and support of the Trump Administration and the Department of Energy for the support in making this vision a reality.” – Joyce Turkaly, Director of Natural Gas Market Development, Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association

Plastics Industry Association

“The U.S. plastics industry supports close to a million jobs and maintains a trade surplus. Because of shale-related drilling techniques, resulting in low-cost feedstocks, our domestic plastics industry will continue to enjoy a cost advantage over most foreign producers. We support the American energy revolution and applaud DOE for putting together this report and organizing today’s discussion between industry and DOE key personnel.” – Perc Pineda, PhD, Chief Economist, Plastics Industry Association

Marcellus Shale Coalition

“The safe development of clean-burning American natural gas has been a Godsend, providing the region’s manufacturers with the competitive advantage to invest and create good-paying jobs, especially as it relates to putting tens-of-thousands of skilled building trades members to work. By leveraging the region’s natural gas abundance, we’re responsibly moving our economy forward, delivering meaningful consumer savings, and making our country more secure, all while protecting and improving the environment we all share.” - Marcellus Shale Coalition, President David Spigelmyer

Shale Crescent USA

“The Appalachian Energy and Petrochemical Renaissance’ report highlights a once in a lifetime opportunity to revitalize and stimulate long-term economic prosperity within the Appalachian region. We appreciate the Department of Energy’s active role in facilitating the development of the region while allowing the private sector to capitalize on the logistics and economic benefits of both feedstock supply and consumer demand within the same region. – Mark Schwendeman, Chairman of Shale Crescent USA

Shale Directories

"Shale Directories, the leading online member directory for the oil and gas industry, thinks the efforts by DOE in the Appalachian Energy and Renaissance plan is a big step in energizing the Appalachian Basin.  Our members have weathered a tough 2020, but this support for the Trump Administration and DOE certainly makes them realize the support they have from President Trump and the DOE." Joe Barone, President, Shale Directories.


“The team at 250 PIONEER wants to thank the Department of Energy for putting together the story of past, present and future of our region.  We need to tell the story worldwide- this is the Natural Resource Crescent and no other region in the world has more to offer than Appalachia. For more than 14 years our region has been proving up the shale reserves that mesh well with our coal heritage. We will continue to power up the world from the wealth beneath our feet. Our motto is simple: We Innovate Not Eliminate.” – James R Milleson Owner/Partner


Elected Officials

U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-6)

“This report clearly illustrates that both Appalachia Ohio and the energy industry are on the comeback trail, due in large part to the efforts of the Trump Administration. For far too long, the people of Eastern and Southeastern Ohio have been forgotten by those in power. Not anymore. I applaud this report by the Department of Energy, and I look forward to continuing my work with the DOE as we advance energy dominance, which goes hand-in-hand with economic progress.” – Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-6)

U.S. Congressman David McKinley (WV-1)

“This report affirms what we have been talking about for years. Natural gas production in the region has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade,” said Rep . McKinley “West Virginia and surrounding states are poised to become a leader in petrochemicals and manufacturing. I look forward to seeing the economic development and job creation that comes with an Appalachian Storage Hub.”

U.S. Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-9)

“I applaud today’s positive phone call and the release of this report on the future of the American energy industry. The Trump Administration and Secretary Brouillette are realistically bullish on how our domestic energy, especially in Appalachia and Pennsylvania, can usher in a manufacturing renaissance. This will include natural gas, rare earth element extraction, and near-zero emission coal used for both energy production and manufacturing.” – Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-9)

Ohio State Senator Frank Hoagland (District 30)

"I am in full support of the Department of Energy's initiative for the Appalachian region of southeastern Ohio. I believe our particular region is a diamond in the rough and has been blessed by God with ample oil and natural gas resources. DOE's report assures that this region can be utilized to support a critical multi-state and global need for energy production." – Frank Hoagland, Ohio State Senator


Local Communities

Ohio Southeast Economic Development

"Despite current struggles with low commodity demand and pricing, I believe the future for energy and petrochemical production in the Utica and Marcellus region is bright.   But this remarkable transformation does not happen without supporting policies and infrastructure.   The commodities could easily just be piped elsewhere.  If our region is going to reap the economic benefits of these resources long-term, we need comprehensive policies.  I applaud DOE for taking an active role in supporting this region's transformation." – Mike Jacoby, President, Ohio Southeast Economic Development

Tuscarawas County Economic Development Corporation

“The Tuscarawas County Economic Development Corporation in collaboration with Team NEO, Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce, the Stark Economic Development Board, and the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce are working together to enhance the opportunities for Downstream Petrochemical Manufacturing in the Northeast Ohio region.  The Department Of Energy’s report makes a clear case to accelerate these efforts.”  Harry Eadon, President, Tuscarawas County Economic Development Corporation


Federal Partners

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

“Appalachian energy resources are among the most plentiful in the world, and the region stands poised to continue its growth as an energy producer and an important contributor to the world petrochemical market,” said ARC Federal Co-Chairman Tim Thomas. “The critical policy priorities and strategic investments outlined in this report will be important to the continued energy independence of our nation and the economic development of the Appalachian Region.” – Appalachian Regional Commission, Federal Co-Chairman Tim Thomas