All in STEM is a website that showcases the programs geared towards reaching those typically underrepresented in STEM careers.

The STEM workforce produces at its highest level when Americans from all races, backgrounds, and walks of life are working in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. Regardless of your background, zip code, race, gender, or income level, all talent is needed to tackle the STEM challenges of today (and tomorrow) in the ever-expanding STEM workforce.  

Accessing STEM

The new All in STEM website, a project of STEM Rising, showcases the long list of programs and resources designed to ensure that the best and the brightest from every community in America enter the STEM workforce.

On this website,, you can find information available for people starting as young as kindergarten all the way through PhD programs and people currently in the workforce. The website resources are sortable by intended audience age and the type of resource (conference, internship, research opportunity, and more) so you can find the content that best fits what you’re looking for.

Diverse Thinking Delivers Innovative Results

Having different backgrounds and beliefs contributes to having different ideas to help make STEM discoveries, try new solutions, and make more equitable approaches to deliver energy resources and innovations. The more diversity in STEM the better solutions will be crafted for the Energy Department – and the entire nation.

At Argonne National Laboratory outside of Chicago, Black high school students are offered research opportunities, providing mentors for them and access to Argonne’s top facilities.  Hopefully this will spark experiences that capture the imagination of these inquisitive students and inspire them to pursue careers in STEM after graduation.

At Fermilab’s Dare to Dream conference, Latina middle school students are invited to attend a free STEM conference, provided every year to help increase the participation, retention and advancement of the number of young Latinas in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Sandia National Laboratories’ Dream Catchers Program in New Mexico partners with NM MESA to get middle and high school students involved in hands-on STEM activities and explore STEM careers.

On the All in STEM page, find additional programming like virtual classroom visits, conferences you can attend, grants you can apply for, internship opportunities, partnerships, scholarships, research opportunities, and mentorships.

There are many paths to pursue STEM learning and career development, and countless ways to spark the imagination and creativity of every child in America dreaming of tomorrow’s scientific discoveries. Spread the word by sharing the All in STEM website with others, and jump in to any of these powerful programs and resources.

For more information about STEM at the Energy Department, visit the STEM Rising website.

Craig Rench
Craig Rench is an intern for the summer of 2020 for the Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy.
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