President Joe Biden delivered the annual State of the Union Address this week, highlighting all that the Administration and the American people have accomplished in the past year. Besides undertaking historic infrastructure projects, fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and strengthening our economy, America has made incredible progress in its transition to clean energy. 

Here are five notable clean energy mentions, milestones, and moments from President Biden’s address:


1. “The Inflation Reduction Act is also the most significant investment ever in climate change. Ever.”

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, clean energy technology and upgrades are more accessible to Americans than ever before. President Biden showed how this law is actively lowering utility bills, creating jobs for Americans, and propelling the world towards a clean energy future.

Learn more about the Inflation Reduction Act here.


2. “We’re rebuilding for the long term.”

In the wake of recent natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Florida, and so many other communities, the Biden Administration has worked to sustainably rebuild the infrastructure and power grids that were destroyed. President Biden underscored how his Administration is making clean energy investments to ensure that infrastructure can withstand and prevent future environmental disasters.


3. “We’re going to build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations installed across the country by tens of thousands of IBEW workers.”

Part of the Biden Administration’s commitment to creating a clean energy infrastructure includes building a national network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. President Biden set a goal of constructing 500,000 EV chargers across the country by 2030. In August 2022, the Departments of Energy and Transportation announced that all 50 states, and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have created EV infrastructure development plans to achieve this goal.


4. “We’re helping families save more than $1,000 a year with tax credits to purchase electric vehicles and […] energy-efficient appliances.”

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, Americans are saving money as they make every day clean energy purchases and investments. President Biden is committed to delivering savings to American families, while ensuring that people are contributing to our clean energy economy and infrastructure. With tax credits for EV and clean energy appliance purchases, people can save energy and money at the same time.


5. “The climate crisis doesn’t care if you’re in a red or blue state. It’s an existential threat. We have an obligation, not to ourselves, but to our children and our grandchildren to confront it. I’m proud of how America at last is stepping up to the challenge.”

President Biden made clear that the climate crisis affects all of us. Ensuring our nation and the world are on the path to a more sustainable future requires clean energy investments and innovations NOW. In the past year, the Biden Administration and the American people have made historic, bipartisan leaps forward in this journey. The future is now, and America is just getting started.