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17 National Labs: Changing the World We Live In

November 7, 2018

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17 National Labs: Changing the World We Live In

When I became Secretary of Energy, I made a commitment to personally visit all 17 of our National Labs. I’m pleased to report that I recently completed that fascinating journey and had the privilege of seeing the incredible work being undertaken by our Nation’s brightest minds.

Our nation’s commitment to science and innovation is alive and thriving. DOE’s labs are constantly pushing the bounds of innovation, advancing our national security, making breakthroughs in everything from materials science to medical research, and developing the next generation of energy technologies that will literally change the world.

But what has most impressed me, whether at Forrestal, in the field, or at a lab, has been the amazing men and women of the DOE Team. DOE and National Lab employees work day-in and day-out to expand human understanding, overcome challenges and improve lives. Seeing it all first-hand reminds me how fortunate we all are to work at DOE ... because our work is consequential. We don’t have to look in the mirror each morning and wonder if what we are doing matter, we already know the answer.

I am immensely proud of America’s National Labs and all the great people who work to advance DOE’s mission. Thank you to the men and women of DOE and our National Labs for always impressing me, educating me and reminding me that having the chance to lead the Department of Energy is by far the coolest job I will ever have.