Asset Revitalization Initiative

The Asset Revitalization Initiative (ARI) focuses on communicating past efforts and lessons learned from DOE’s long history of asset revitalization and focus current and future efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of future land, asset and facility transfer and beneficial reuse. Since the 1950’s, DOE and its predecessor agencies have completed over 200 transfers of approximately 200,000 acres of land, facilities and other assets for beneficial reuse, including excess fire stations, water treatment plants, water production facilities and other land, assets and facilities that local communities are using to support their civic, economic and social needs. DOE has already supported the cleanup and closure of approximately 90 sites that were involved in US nuclear weapons development and many of these sites are in beneficial reuse. Additional departmental efforts to consolidate mission areas, sites and facilities and reduce the overall operational footprint of the DOE complex across the country will make additional land, assets and facilities available for beneficial reuse.


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