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Transform the Department of Energy into a world leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) enterprise by accelerating the research, development, delivery, and adoption of AI.


Accelerate Machine Learning (ML) and AI-enabled capabilities through strategic portfolio alignment while scaling Department-wide use cases that advance the agency’s core missions; advocate for program offices; provide advice on trustworthy AI/ML strategies; and expand public, private and international partnerships, policy and innovations – all in support of National AI Leadership and Innovation.

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How the Energy Department is using AI to solve some of the world's toughest challenges.

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Artificial intelligence is all around us — even if we don’t realize it — and the rapid spread of AI technologies into our lives raises big questions about security. Our guests in this episode study the risks of ever-present AI,

Artificial intelligence is all over the news, but what's all the hype really about? We travel to Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee to find out how AI is going to revolutionize science, and welcome a new podcast to the Department of Energy family!

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Insights from artifical intelligence has the potential to transform nearly every aspect of the world as we know it. Today, it is being applied to accelerate the pace of discovery in a wide variety of areas including energy, materials science, health care, national security, emergency response, transportation, and more.      


National Security and Emergency Response: