A collection of intern headshots from the 2022 Summer Entrepreneurship Program.

The Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) Summer Entrepreneurship Program connects undergraduate students with the Department of Energy's (DOE) world-class national laboratory system. Over 10 weeks, a cohort of 18 students will undergo intensive training to advance cutting-edge technologies, learn more about commercialization through adapted Energy I-Corps Curriculum, and present investor pitches to a panel of experts in technology coordination.

The OTT's Summer Entrepreneurship Program is excited to welcome the next generation of entrepreneurs at the intersection of technology and business. Get to know the 2022 cohort of interns!

Kadijat Alakiu—Argonne National Laboratory

Kadijat Alakiu is a rising junior majoring in environmental engineering and minoring in law and society at Cornell University. She is passionate about innovative engineering solutions and how to integrate them in everyday life, specifically the development and use of biofuels. Throughout her internship, Kadijat wants to gain insight into how to make products more marketable and learn about government policy towards emerging technologies. 

Troy Brennan—Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Troy Brennan is majoring in computer information systems and minoring in entrepreneurship at the College of Charleston. His passion for startups has led to his involvement in the college's hackathons, startup competitions, accelerators, and other local business events. He looks forward to immersing himself in the world of advanced technology and learning more about entrepreneurship outside of the Charleston area.

Dalton Callow—Sandia National Laboratories

Dalton Callow majors in physics and computer science at Carthage College. At his college, he engages with a variety of research projects, including the Canopy Near-infrared Observation Project which uses a multispectral camera to image rainforests. After his internship with OTT, Dalton will share his knowledge with his peers and incorporate entrepreneurial ideas into his many project plans. 

Ezenia Diaz-Lembert—Sandia National Laboratories

Ezenia Diaz-Lambert is a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering at Harvard College. She is inspired to see more people like her, especially members of her community, working in STEM and hopes to serve her community through her passion for engineering. Throughout her internship, she aspires to learn about the direct social impact of technological advancements and how OTT supports carrying out these impacts.

Danielle Ferreira—Brookhaven National Laboratory

Danielle Ferreira is a junior majoring in physics at the State University of New York at Binghamton. Inspired by her college's interdisciplinary education style and one of her professors, she has engaged with opportunities that help to bring STEM professionals to the forefront of sustainable energy innovation. Danielle is passionate about physics and accessible sustainability options and looks forward to contributing to smart-energy solutions as an OTT intern.

Megana Gummadi—Argonne National Laboratory

Megana Gummadi is a student at Temple University majoring in management information systems. She has always had a passion for how technology can be used to harness energy. During her internship, she hopes to work with experts in technology commercialization and further her knowledge of innovative fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more.

Marvin Jiang—Kansas City National Security Campus

Marvin Jiang is a junior majoring in materials science and engineering and minoring in engineering entrepreneurship at the University of Pennsylvania. By working on efforts to commercialize sustainable technologies, he hopes to strategize how to best implement technologies to build a sustainable future and combat the climate crisis. Marvin is eager to engage with mentors who will equip him with the relevant skills for a future working at the intersection of climate technology and business. 

Lucas Loman—Kansas City National Security Campus

Lucas Loman studies environmental engineering at Yale University. In his previous roles with other groups, he has focused on evaluating the complementary roles of government and business in fostering green innovation and sustainability. Through his internship, Lucas plans to research promising sustainable technologies and develop a greater understanding of their progression from research and development to commercialization. 

Katarina Pejcinovic—Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Katarina Pejcinovic is an undergraduate bioengineering student at UCLA. She is in the second year of her 3-year program, she is motivated to continue onto graduate school and begin conducting research. As an intern with a strong research background, Katarina hopes to learn about how entrepreneurship and research can intersect outside of academia. Outside of school, she is passionate about sharing her cultures through food, music, history, and fashion. 

Brett Reamon—Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Brett Reamon is a rising junior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in engineering management at Vanderbilt University. He is passionate about using engineering and science for problem solving. As an intern, Brett is excited to learn about the functional and useful application of theoretical principles through business and explore the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.

William Rong—Brookhaven National Laboratory

William Rong is a rising senior at Johns Hopkins University pursuing a major in materials science and engineering and minoring in entrepreneurship, management, and philosophy. As an intern, he hopes to learn about the research done in National Laboratories and how the federal government plays a role in getting viable products to the market. Outside of school, Will enjoys dance, playing tennis, and photography. 

Katlyn Schmeltzer—Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Katlyn Schmeltzer is a rising junior at Rice University majoring in chemistry and minoring in data science. Growing up in a rural community influenced her passion for sustainable development and renewable energy. As an intern, Katlyn wants to learn how research transitions to market and the commercialization process. Outside of academics, she is a varsity cross country and track athlete. 

Jessica Steel—Sandia National Laboratories

Jessica Steel is a freshman at the University of South Carolina studying electrical engineering, neuroscience, and computer science. She looks forward to learning from experts in technology and collaborating with others in a professional setting. Jessica values the opportunity to intern at DOE because of the office's mission and ability to share knowledge in support of a bigger purpose.

Carlie Sylvan—Sandia National Laboratories

Carlie Sylvan is a rising sophomore at Tufts University's School of Engineering. As a human factors engineering major, she is learning how to use mechanical engineering, psychology, and design to improve the interaction between humans and technology. Carlie is excited to be an intern with OTT because she will be able to bridge technical product research with marketing and design skills.

Alfredo Valdez—Sandia National Laboratories

Alfredo Valdez is a student at the University of New Mexico studying business administration with a concentration in management information systems. With his combined background of engineering and information systems, he developed a passion for data-driven decision making and is motivated to leverage data and technology to help people reach their goals. Alfredo looks forward to developing and applying cutting edge technology to problems as an OTT intern. 

Genesis Velis—Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Genesis Velis is a recent graduate from University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in public health. In her professional career, she aspires to be involved in finding equitable solutions to environmental issues. As an intern, she hopes to learn the technical and research skills she will need to transition into a career in the energy sector.

Camden Welsh—National Energy Technology Laboratory

Camden Welsh is a senior at West Virginia University studying environmental geoscience. Throughout his studies, he has focused on the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change and therefore has an interest in energy use. Camden is excited about the OTT internship because it allows him to study the efficiency of energy and impacts on the environment while engaging in a social setting. 

David Ziehl—Sandia National Laboratories

David Ziehl is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina pursuing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He was drawn to the Summer Entrepreneurship Program because of his passion for creating solutions to help people around the world. As an intern, David hopes to gain the knowledge necessary to one day develop his own product, start a company, and successfully take the product to market.