Southwestern Power Administration (Southwestern) joined the National Hydropower Association (NHA) in March 2022.

Hydropower, in all its forms, is valued as America’s first and most flexible renewable energy resource.

Barbara Smith, Vice President for National Relations for both Southwestern Power Administration and Southeastern Power Administration, says, “The electric utility products and services provided by Southwestern are uniquely tied to hydropower, which represents our only marketed generation resource, and the NHA membership will allow us to be part of the industry conversations and ensure our perspectives and experiences are known.”

Smith says Southwestern’s NHA membership will present the chance to interact with regulatory bodies, contribute to national energy and environmental policy conversations, and exchange valuable information within the industry.

“As the Nation’s electric grid continues to evolve and climate goals are pursued, the electric utility industry grows increasingly complex with hydropower playing an important role. NHA membership provides Southwestern with additional tools to be plugged in, including access to national and regional industry conferences, technical training, hydropower issue-specific committees and meetings, technical databases, discussion boards, and timely newsletters with insights and business intelligence addressing important hydropower topics including hydropower price, products, grid services, efficiencies, reliability, best practices, and electricity market structures and valuation.”

“Approximately half of the national hydropower capability is Federally owned and marketed by Federal utilities similar to Southwestern, so we have a lot to offer,” Smith says. “Our contributions will include unique perspectives, experiences, and best practices gained from marketing and delivering Federally owned hydropower in our six-state service area. We also hope to contribute and engage with NHA on National Hydropower Day and take part in other activities, communications, and educational opportunities.”

DISCLAIMER: No official endorsement or sanction by Southwestern Power Administration of the National Hydropower Association, its services, or its products is intended or implied.