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Electricity -- the flow of electrical power -- is a secondary energy source generated by the conversion of primary sources of energy like fossilnuclearwind or solar.

Keeping the power flowing to American homes and businesses is a critical necessity for everyday life and economic vitality. The Energy Department works to keep the grid secure from cyber and physical attacks; partners with states and other stakeholders to plan more resilient infrastructure that can better withstand extreme weather events; and supports efforts to increase grid efficiency and energy storage as more renewable energy sources come online.

Smart Grid
The Energy Department is investing in strategic partnerships to accelerate the Smart Grid -- a two-way, intuitive system that will result in more e...
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Energy Storage
The Energy Department is developing new technologies that will store renewable energy for use when the wind isn't blowing and the sun isn't shining.
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The History of the Light Bulb
From incandescent bulbs to fluorescents to LEDs, we're exploring the long history of the light bulb.
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Office of Electricity
Homepage for the Office of Electricity
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INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding the Grid

Our new infographic shows how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed for use in our homes.

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The War of the Currents: AC vs. DC Power

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison played key roles in the War of the Currents. Learn more about AC and DC power -- and how they affect our electricity...

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How Synchrophasors are Bringing the Grid into the 21st Century

Learn about synchrophasors and how they are helping grid operators keep power flowing reliably to American homes and businesses.

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