The Refrigerator and Freezer Energy Rating Database Search Tool allows you to discover the energy rating of these appliances for the U.S. consumer market. The tool provides the ability to search various appliance brands, types, model numbers, years manufactured, and more. 

How to Use the Tool

Download the tool and follow these steps to discover the energy rating of refrigerators and freezers produced for the American consumer market.

To search the database, fill in the search parameter descriptors for the appliance:

  • For the Door Seal Condition, choose Good Seal, Fair Seal, or Poor Seal from the drop-down list. 
  • For the Appliance Type, choose Refrigerator or Freezer from the drop-down list. 
  • For the Appliance Brand, choose a brand from the drop-down list. 
  • Optional: Type in the full or partial Model Number as close to the actual number. 
  • Optional: Enter Year Manufactured as close to the actual year. 

Select the Search button to run the search. Note: The search may take a moment to complete.  

The tab/sheet titled "OutputSheet" will be updated with a list of most closely matching models, with their size, year of manufacture, and energy rating. Click "Ok" on any message boxes that may appear during the process.

See Additional Notes below.

Video Tutorial

This video provides a brief walkthrough of the Refrigerator and Freezer Energy Rating Database Search Tool.

Video Url
Video courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy

Additional Notes

When typing in the letters portion of the model number of the refrigerator or freezer, use only capital letters. If you are not sure of a letter or number of the model, just type in as many characters as you are able to recall. If the model number begins with a plus sign (+), leave that character off. The model number can be found by checking on the nameplate. The nameplate is usually found inside the food storage compartment or near the floor on the front frame. The Year Manufactured option is optional but helps to refine the search even if the year entered is not exact. Not all models are included in the database. The database includes models that are greater than 10 cubic feet in size.


Special thanks go out to Mr. Jim Cavallo for his many years of work maintaining the original design of this database in an online website, and the U.S. Department of Energy standard's offices for providing updated appliance databases.