Resolve to Save Energy This Year

Looking for ways to save energy? Check out these tips-- which include using a power strip and switching to ENERGY STAR appliances -- that every homeowner should try.

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Over the past couple of decades, advances in appliances and electronics -- from microwaves and dishwashers to smartphones and computers -- have changed the way we use energy in our homes.

Through the Energy Department’s appliance standards, manufacturers are making great strides in developing new, more efficient appliances that are saving consumers money on their energy bills. The Department also works with the Environmental Protection Agency on ENERGY STAR, a program designed to help consumers lower their energy costs by using energy-efficient products.

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Quiz: Test Your Home Energy IQ

Are you the brightest bulb when it comes to home energy trivia? Take our latest quiz to find out!

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Updated Energy Saver Guide Helps You Save Energy and Money at Home

We've updated the popular Energy Saver guide to help you save money by saving energy.

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R&D 100: Innovations That Could Save Consumers Money

Looking for the latest in energy efficiency technology? Check out these National Lab breakthroughs that could help homeowners save energy and money.

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Living Comfortably: A Consumer’s Guide to Home Energy Upgrades

A four-step guide to making your home more comfortable, energy efficient and healthy.

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Sandia Cooler Blows Traditional CPU Coolers Away

The Sandia Cooler's innovative, compact design improves the way heat is transferred in microelectronics, earning it R&D Magazine Editor's...

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Estimating Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use
Learn how to estimate what it costs to operate your appliances and how much energy they consume.
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Energy Efficient Computers, Home Office Equipment, and Electronics
Learn how to save energy and money through efficient use of your computers, monitors, and peripherals.
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Learn how to estimate what it costs to operate your appliances and how much energy they consume.
The home page of the Appliance and Equipment Standards subprogram of the Building Technologies Office (BTO).
Energy Efficiency Standards Group, Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division

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Rebates & Tax Credits

Federal incentives are not currently available for efficient appliances or electronics. Find state or local incentives.
Federal tax credits for eligible building envelope improvements and heating, cooling, and water heating equipment expired at the end of 2016. If you made these improvements in 2015 or 2016, file form 5695 with your taxes to claim the credit. Learn more about the tax credits