PSH-20-0047 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

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On September 18,  2020,  an  Administrative  Judge  determined  that  an  Individual  should  not  be granted access authorization under  10 C.F.R. Part 710. The Individual is employed by the   DOE in a position that requires a  security  clearance.  During  the  clearance  investigation  process, the Individual disclosed that he had voluntarily sought counseling for  a  process  addiction, and he later told an OPM investigator that he had solicited prostitutes to satisfy his addiction. During the hearing, the Administrative Judge found that the Individual had not fully disclosed his involvement with prostitutes to the OPM investigator, had relapsed numerous times since obtaining counseling for his problem in 2011, and  his  behavior  placed  him  at  serious risk of manipulation. Additionally, the Administrative Judge found that the Individual's most recent engagement with a prostitute, which occurred during the midst of the security investigative process, cast substantial doubt on the Individual's judgment and ability  or  willingness to comply with rules and regulations. Accordingly, the Administrative Judge found  that the Individual failed to mitigate the Guideline E and J concerns and concluded that the Individual should not  be  granted  access  authorization.  OHA  Case  No.  PSH-20-0047 (James  P. Thompson III).