PSH-20-0026 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

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On June 26, 2020, an OHA Administrative Judge (AJ) issued a decision in which she determined that an Individual's DOE access authorization should be restored. To support the
Guideline G security concerns, the LSO relied upon the fact that the DOE Psychologist determined in her June 2019 report that the Individual suffered from Unspecified Alcohol Use
Disorder without adequate evidence of rehabilitation or reformation. In addition, the LSO relied upon (1) a statement from March 2016 by the Individual that he never intended to
consume alcohol again, but he began drinking again in April 2018 and (2) the Individual's October 2015 DWI charge. Id. The AJ found the Individual to be credible in his testimony.
His witnesses supported his testimony that he has not consumed any alcohol since he met with the DOE Psychologist. The Individual is currently in aftercare and counseling. Both the
Individual's counselor and the DOE Psychologist opined that he was rehabilitated and reformed from his alcohol use disorder. Consequently, based on all of the above, the
Administrative Judge found that the Individual's access authorization should be restored at this time. OHA Case No. PSH 20-0026 (Janet R. H. Fishman).