ADR Lunchtime Series - Make it Rain: Changing Pathways through Educational Immunology

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Conflict Resolution Day 2019 ADR Lunchtime Series

ADR LUNCHTIME SERIES: Make it Rain: Changing Pathways through Educational Immunology

Guest Speaker: Coren Jonathan Allen

Ancient wisdom and current learning theory can combine to help foster harmony in the workplace. This author/presenter will explore the concept of educational immunology by applying the precepts of storytelling that have been powerful teaching tools since the beginning of history. “Rain” is a metaphor for healing and peacemaking. Rain is integral to
healthy roots. How we learn is influenced by those roots—our internal narratives—and depending on the rain, the way that we think, speak, and behave can change dramatically.  These root narratives can yield both workplace harmony and conflict and relate to our capacity for respect, empathy, and compassion. Through deeper self- understanding, we can grow in our ability to appreciate, acknowledge, and celebrate others. Rain can help us discover the common humanity that unites us.