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ADR LUNCHTIME SERIES: Belonging in a Virtual Space
Sara Huang


• Guest Speaker: Sara Huang

Belonging in a Virtual Space 

If belonging would be a taste, a smell, or a texture for you, what would it be and why? We are (almost) all struggling with belonging at the moment. How do you obtain or keep a sense of self-determination now that working remotely is the norm? Colleagues get a peek into your personal space during video conferences, you are continuously 'on', and the distinction between private time and time spent working blurs. Which boundaries can you set in digital collaboration to experience more space and autonomy? To come closer together in mind and hearts despite the distance between us?

In this experiential and experimental session, Sara invites you to explore a framework which combines concepts from the East and the West. We will use pen and paper to activate hand-eye coordination and sink into the space of self-reflection.