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Learn about DOE's Office of the Ombudsman

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When faced with workplace challenges, the Office of the Ombudsman (Ombuds) provides confidential, independent, and neutral support to DOE Federal employees seeking a path forward. 

The Ombuds provides support to individuals, groups, leaders/management teams, and the Department. We're here to help:

  • identify the root cause of your unique workplace challenge(s)
  • brainstorm options and assess pros and cons
  • develop and implement a plan based on your goals

When to Contact Us

We can help you address any workplace challenge at any level:

  • Strained work relationships
  • Challenging team dynamics
  • Sensitive or high-risk issues
  • Navigating difficult conversations
  • Confusion about policy/process
  • Lack of communication or collaboration

Why Use an Ombuds?

  • Feel safe, respected and heard
  • Get perspective from an independent and neutral resource
  • Gain clarity and confidence choosing a path forward
  • Receive expert support implementing collaborative solutions

How We Work With You

  • Confidential: Communications are protected unless required by law
  • Independent: Not affiliated with any other DOE office or function; reports directly to the Secretary
  • Neutral: Unbiased third-party; respects all perspectives
  • Informal: Flexible, off-the-record approach to identifying solutions; not an investigative or oversight function

Note:  Ombuds are not authorized to receive notice on behalf of DOE. In addition, contacting the Ombuds office does not impact established timeframes of formal processes.

Ombudsman Services

Here are some of the ways we help individuals, groups, leaders/management teams, and the Department find a path forward and work better together:


  • Discuss strategies for dealing with challenges
  • Facilitate difficult conversations
  • Explore options for raising concerns
  • Connect with relevant resources & information


  • Gather input to understand group challenges
  • Facilitate discussions to improve collaboration
  • Provide customized skills-building workshops

Leaders/Management Teams

  • Help identify the root cause(s) and develop action plans
  • Consult on collaboration, communication, and engagement challenges


  • Raise concerns informally to the appropriate levels of leadership
  • Identify emerging issues and offer recommendations to leadership

Mission & Vision

  • Mission: Help DOE work better together by tapping into the power of collaborative approaches to address workplace challenges
  • Vision: Generate a collaborative DOE culture where employees can do their best work every day

Please note: The Ombuds’ role is to assist employees who work for the DOE with workplace concerns.

Get In Touch

DOE employees may contact a member of the Ombuds team at 202-586-0500.