Due to ongoing remote working conditions, DOE encourages the electronic submissions of applications for Presidential Permit. Please prepare your application as noted on this page and regulations at 10 CFR 205.320 and scan the application and email it to Christopher.Lawrence@hq.doe.gov. Please remit the filing fee of $150.00 following these instructions. Please reference "Applicant Name - DOE Presidential Permit" when remitting your payment.

Executive Order 12038 states that, before a Presidential permit may be issued, the action must be found to be consistent with the public interest. DOE typically uses the following  criteria to determine if a proposed project is consistent with the public interest:

  1. Impact on Electric Reliability - DOE considers the effect that the proposed project would have on the operating reliability of the U.S. electric power supply system; i.e., the ability of the existing generation and transmission system to remain within acceptable voltage, loading and stability limits during normal and emergency conditions. The standards DOE applies include the standards of the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) and the standards of the member regional councils that are formulated by the utilities themselves.
  2. Environmental Impact - DOE determines whether or not there are potential  environmental consequences associated with issuing or denying a Presidential permit for a proposed international border crossing location.

E.O. 12038 also requires DOE to obtain favorable recommendations from the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense before a permit may be issued.

The time required to process an application for a Presidential permit is usually determined by the complexity of a proposal for an international electric transmission line project. A filing fee, currently $150, payable to the Treasurer of the United States, must be submitted with the application.

Requests for Presidential Permits not currently on the website should be addressed to Christopher.Lawrence@hq.doe.gov. Questions concerning orders can be directed to Christopher Lawrence at (202) 586-5260. 

Copies of applications are available on request.