DOE’s Office of Electricity (OE) recently released two new reports focused on modernizing critical infrastructure to make the grid more resilient, reliable, and secure.  

The Microgrid and Integrated Systems Program report detail how microgrids will serve as increasingly valuable resources in support of power system resilience as climate-related natural disasters become more frequent and severe. The Microgrid and Integrated Systems Program report describes OE’s Microgrid research and development (R&D) program and its efforts around remote microgrid systems for isolated communities and implementing microgrids to increase the resilience of critical infrastructure.   

The Next Generation Grid Technologies report shows how next-gen technologies can support an integrated platform that helps solve today’s challenges and facilitates the transformation to a future grid capable of integrating more solar and wind generation, and millions of electric vehicles and distributed energy resources. The report includes a deep dive into the R&D opportunities of transformative transitions for a next-generation grid including system carrying capacity line ratings, system topology and optimization, and system equipment.