In December 2016, DOE and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) co-sponsored Liberty Eclipse in Newport, RI. Liberty Eclipse was a regional energy assurance exercise to promote state- and local-level preparedness and resilience for future energy emergencies stemming from a cyber incident. Nearly 100 exercise participants were drawn from key state, local, federal, and industry (electric and oil and natural gas) organizations from the Mid-Atlantic and New England states.

Liberty Eclipse served as a vehicle to bring state energy offices, state emergency management offices, public utilities commissions, asset owners and operators, and others together to discuss cyber incident preparedness and response. Discussions occurred in both plenary sessions and smaller breakout groups by FEMA Region that encouraged cross-talk between government and industry. As a result of Liberty Eclipse, a number of states have begun to look at their energy assurance plans and are looking to enhance their cyber preparedness. Through these planning efforts, the states will continue to grow their capacity to respond to all-hazards, physical and cyber, and enhance their ability to respond to energy emergencies.

The Liberty Eclipse Executive Summary, which is available for downloading HERE, provides a summary of proposed improvements and recommendations resulting from the input of federal, industry, state, and local stakeholders. The key findings and proposed actions within the document will drive further energy assurance and cyber incident coordination work across the Federal and state governments as we work collectively to improve the resilience of the Nation’s critical energy infrastructure.