The Advanced Industrial Facilities Deployment Program will provide competitive financial support to owners and operators of energy-intensive industrial facilities for high-impact, transformational projects to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission. These projects will be designed to build confidence in the technical and commercial viability of emissions reduction technologies and integrated solutions.


Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations and Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains

New Program:


Funding Amount:


Funding Mechanism:

Grants, Rebates, and/or Cooperative Agreements


Owners or operators of domestic, nonfederal, nonpower industrial or manufacturing facilities engaged in energy-intensive industrial processes

Period of Availability:

Funds must be obligated by 9/30/2026

Assistance Listing:


Formula Funding:


Tribal Eligibility:


Cost Share Requirement:

At least 50%

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Eligible Uses

Carry out projects for

  1. Purchase and installation or implementation of advanced industrial technologies at eligible facilities
  2. Retrofits, upgrades or operational improvements at eligible facilities to install or implement advanced industrial technologies
  3. Engineering studies and other work needed to prepare eligible facilities for activities described in 1) or 2)

Next Milestone

Anticipated application opening in Q1 2023.

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