Kerri Wilson and her family.
Kerri Wilson and her family.

The dedication, professionalism and skills of NNSA’s federal and contractor security staff across the Enterprise ensure that our national security mission is successfully accomplished every day of the year. Spotlight on Security is a series of profiles of some of the outstanding personnel who help protect NNSA’s assets and people. 

Kerri Wilson, Nuclear Material Control and Accountability, NPO

How long have you been with NNSA? 
Seven years. I have prior federal service with the Department of Interior.

What are your job responsibilities?
Oversight of the NMC&A program at Pantex and Y-12

What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement?
Receiving the Heart of Pantex award for work on the W88 program while I was in the Safety Analysis Engineering Department.

Kerri’s three sons.
Kerri’s three sons.

Do you belong to any organizations/clubs outside of work? If so, what do those 
organizations do, and what is your role?

I belong to the grandmamma organization. My role is to spoil my grandchildren (three boys).

What is an accomplishment in your life in which you take great pride?
Raising my three sons. My sons graduated college, found success in their career choices, and are happy.

What are your top three goals for your NNSA career?
1. Continue to learn and support safeguards and Security; 2 and 3, to retire!