A portrait of Anthony George and his two childen
Anthony George and his children

Anthony George, federal oversight for security program management, Kansas City Field Office

How long have you been with NNSA?

I started with NNSA through the Future Leaders Program sponsored by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2006 and joined the Kansas City Field Office in 2007.

What are your job responsibilities?

I currently am the KCFO oversight for the Security Program Management. In the past I have held oversight roles in Protective Force, Personnel Security Materials Control & Accountability Foreign Visits and Assignments Emergency Management, and Continuity of Operations (COOP).

What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement?

Serving in the Army in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 in intelligence and counterintelligence programs. I am also honored to have worked for DOE/NNSA on initiatives and teams that received awards through Secretary of Energy and NNSA chief of Defense Nuclear Security.

Do you belong to any organizations/clubs outside of work? If so, what do those organizations do, and what is your role?

I have coached and assisted with my children’s sports teams, including soccer and wrestling.

What is an accomplishment in your life in which you take great pride?

I have always sought to experience the most I can in life, whether by serving in clubs and playing sports in college, military service and career opportunities, or doing fun and adventurous things like sky diving and scuba diving.

What are your top three goals for your NNSA career?

  • Continue to work on high level initiatives to improve the DOE/NNSA
  • Serve in a management/supervisory role
  • Help mentor and mold future employees of DOE/NNSA.