Policy: Secretarial Policy Statement on the National Environmental Policy Act (archived)

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The policy statement directed changes in DOE NEPA procedures “to streamline the NEPA process, minimize the cost and time for document preparation and review, emphasize teamwork, and make the process more useful to decision makers and the public.” 

Among other changes, the policy directed the delegation of full authorities for EAs to Heads of Field Organizations; instituted an annual NEPA planning summary; initiated NEPA guidance on contract statements of work, public participation, and recommendations for the preparation of EAs and EISs; established a requirement to designate a DOE NEPA Document Manager for each project requiring NEPA review; provided for reliance on the CERCLA process to address NEPA values and public participation for certain actions; initiated a NEPA contracting quality improvement team and stated provisions for contract reform, such as a requirement to evaluate contractor performance; and established a NEPA metrics program and quarterly summary on lessons learned. 

The policy statement was implemented through delegations of EA authorities, issuance of guidance documents, revision of the DOE NEPA Order (DOE O 451.1; 1995 09 11), and initiation of DOE NEPA Lessons Learned Quarterly Report in December 1994. The policy was retired after its provisions were incorporated into the DOE NEPA Order and regulations.