DOE/EIS-0542: Notice of Intent

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Versatile Test Reactor; Idaho National Laboratory or Oak Ridge National Laboratory

DOE announced its intent to prepare an EIS (DOE/EIS-0542) that evaluates the potential environmental impacts of alternatives for a versatile reactor-based fast-neutron source facility (VTR) and associated facilities for the preparation, irradiation, and post-irradiation examination of test and experimental fuels and materials. The proposed action is to construct and operate the VTR at a suitable DOE site, use collocated existing or expanded post-irradiation examination capabilities, and use or expand existing facility capabilities to fabricate VTR driver fuel and test items and to manage radioactive wastes and spent nuclear fuel. The action alternatives are to locate the VTR at the Idaho National Laboratory or Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

For more information, see Versatile Test Reactor.