The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking public input on executing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law's Civil Nuclear Credit Program to ensure the continued operation of clean, reliable nuclear energy. 

DOE is committed to integrity and transparency throughout the implementation of the CNC Program. A record of public comments may be found here.

Notice of Intent/ Request for Information

In February 2021, DOE issued a notice of intent (NOI) and request for information (RFI) to assist in the development of the CNC Program. The NOI let interested parties know that DOE plans to issue a notice of applications and provided an opportunity for potential applicants to submit voluntary, non-binding expressions of interest in the CNC Program. The RFI sought input regarding the structure and execution of the CNC Program, including the certification process and eligibility criteria, invitations to submit bids for credits, and the allocation of credits.

DOE appreciates the significant public engagement on the RFI. We received more than 120 comments on the development of the CNC program. All public comments are now available online at

Proposed Guidance Amendment

On June 17, 2022, DOE invited public comments on a proposed Guidance amendment for CNC Program. We asked for feedback on whether we should revise the eligibility criteria to eliminate the requirement that a nuclear reactor applying for credits under the CNC Program not recover more than 50 percent of its cost from cost-of-service regulation or regulated contracts. We received approximately 112 comments, which are included below.