The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Sustainability Performance Division's (SPD) Sustainability Spotlight newsletter offers timely updates on sustainability guidance, policies, success stories, and innovations.

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  • Idaho National Laboratory Demonstrates First Digital Twin of a Simulated Microreactor
  • DOE Net-Zero Pilot Program Initiative Updates
  • Pantex Reuses Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation
  • EV Progress: Electrifying Pickups and SUVs
  • DOE Releases its CFE Roadmap and Implementation Guidance
  • DOE Sustainable Acquisition – Quick Guide
  • FY 2023 SSP Guidance, Training & Help Calls
  • OMB Publishes DOE’s FY 2021 Agency Scorecard
  • Site Vulnerability Assessment and Resilience Plan Resources
  • Energy Exchange 2022 – Connecting the Future
  • SPD Offers Assistance with Energy Projects & Savings Reinvestment Programs
  • Training Opportunities 
  • Interesting Links

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