To proactively lead DOE's sustainability efforts, collaborate with DOE programs and promote the cost-effective use of resources while monitoring the effectiveness of sustainability programs and initiatives.

What We Do: 

As a part of the Office of Asset Management, the Sustainability Performance Division (SPD), formerly known as the Sustainability Performance Office (SPO), provides support to the Department of Energy by guiding programs to achieve and maintain sustainability goals in accordance with statutory and executive order requirements. This is accomplished through data collection, analysis, reporting, outreach and frequent communications with programs to share knowledge and best practices, furthering our mission across the Department.

DOE is required by federal laws and regulations to meet specific sustainability goals. Goals include improved efficiency of energy and water use, increased use of renewable and alternative energy, increased alternative vehicle and reduced fleet petroleum use, increased use of high efficiency buildings, and reduced emissions.

How We Do It: 

SPD tracks performance for the Department, and reports progress towards sustainability goals to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), White House Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ), and Congress through the Sustainability Report and Implementation Plan (SRIP) and other related reports. SPD continues to consolidate sustainability requirements with other organizations throughout DOE in an effort to reduce the reporting burden on DOE sites and programs. By evaluating the sustainability data from across the DOE complex, the SPD highlights opportunities for increased efficiencies and cost savings, thus supporting DOE’s core mission.                         

For more information, contact SPD at 202-586-8645 or sustainability@hq.doe.gov