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The Title XVII Innovative Energy Loan Guarantee Program has nearly $22 billion available for loan guarantees to accelerate the commercial deployment of innovative energy technology. The U.S. Department of Energy is authorized to issue loan guarantees pursuant to Title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. 

The Title XVII program applies to a wide range of energy technologies, including advanced fossil energy, advanced nuclear energy, renewable energy and efficient energyEligible projects for the Title XVII program must:

  • Utilize a new or significantly improved technology; 
  • Avoid, reduce or sequester greenhouse gases; 
  • Be located in the United States; and,
  • Have a reasonable prospect of repayment. 


Potential applicants are encouraged to contact LPO for a no-fee, no-commitment, pre-application consultation prior to submitting a formal application. Pre-application consultations allow potential applicants to begin a dialogue directly with LPO staff to help LPO learn more about the project and to help ensure that applicants fully understand DOE's requirements and processes. Request a pre-application consultation by emailing lgprogram@hq.doe.gov.

Open Solicitations & Guidance

Advanced Fossil Energy Projects Solicitation
$8.5 billion in loan guarantee authority for innovative advanced fossil energy projects
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Advanced Nuclear Energy Projects Solicitation
$8.8 billion in loan guarantee authority for innovative advanced nuclear energy projects
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Renewable Energy & Efficient Energy Projects Solicitation
Up to $4.5 billion in loan guarantee authority for innovative renewable energy & efficient energy projects
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Distributed Energy Projects
Guidance for Distributed Energy Project eligibility under the Advanced Fossil Energy and Renewable Energy & Efficient Energy solicitations
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Electric Vehicles & Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Guidance on loans and loan guarantees for the deployment and manufacture of EV and alternative fuel vehicles infrastructure
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Projects that are ready to proceed with a formal application or to continue an application should visit https://apply.loanprograms.energy.gov/