The Loan Programs Office (LPO) is introducing the LPO Monthly Application Activity Report – a new way to understand the level of interest from applicants for LPO financing, and what technology sectors have been most actively engaged with LPO.

Each month, this report will update:

  1. The total number of current active applications that have been formally submitted to LPO (66 as of November 30, 2021)
  2. The cumulative dollar amount of LPO financing requested in these active applications ($53.6 billion as of November 30, 2021)
  3. The 24-week rolling average of new applications per week as of the close of the previous month (2.1 average applications per week of of November 30, 2021)
  4. Technology sectors represented by applications

The report will break down the cumulative loan amount requested of current applications into general technology sectors that are potentially eligible under the Title 17 Innovative Energy Loan Guarantee Program, Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program, or Tribal Energy Loan Guarantee Program: 

  • Advanced Fossil
  • Advanced Nuclear
  • Advanced Vehicles & Components
  • Biofuels
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS)
  • Critical Materials
  • EV Charging (includes deployment and manufacturing)
  • Hydrogen
  • Onshore & Offshore Wind
  • Other Renewable Energy (includes technologies such as advanced manufacturing, geothermal, hydropower, solar, waste-to-energy)
  • Storage
  • Transmission
  • Virtual Power Plants

(These sectors are not an exhaustive list of technologies that may be eligible for LPO’s loan programs.)

Submission of an application or approval of an application for purposes of continuing due diligence, underwriting, and negotiations is not an assurance that DOE will offer a Conditional Commitment, a loan, or a loan guarantee. Potential borrowers are encouraged to engage with LPO staff in pre-application consultations to learn more about LPO’s programs and processes. Learn more about working with LPO: and more about the LPO application process:


LPO Monthly Application Activity Report for November 2021