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Mound T Building Sale Good for Economic Growth

November 7, 2018

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On October 26, the Mound Development Corporation (MDC) in Ohio achieved a major milestone for occupancy of Mound Business Park, located on the 306-acre former DOE Mound Plant site.  MDC sold the former Technical (T) Building to Patriot Communications, a local communications technology company that plans to bring 12 to 20 new jobs to the business park.

T Building is a highly fortified, underground structure with two floors totaling 122,000 square feet of space. The new owner remarked, “One of the really unique things about the space is … it is the most secure space outside of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. We’ve got six sets of blast doors … and it is a constant 63 to 64 degrees year round.” Once renovations are complete, the new owner plans to sublease a portion of the space.  With the sale of T Building, MDC is happy to report that industrial/commercial companies now occupy 100 percent of the buildings at Mound Business Park. Some buildings are still owned by MDC and leased to third parties.

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