Moving Day Window Rock

First established in 2016, the Office of Legacy Management (LM) Navajo Nation outreach office chose Window Rock because it’s home to the Navajo Nation government offices and various federal divisions. Working in this centralized location among other agencies has increased LM’s understanding of tribal community concerns and allows them to engage more effectively with the surrounding communities.

LM’s move to the new location in Window Rock is key to providing better support, improving visibility, and increasing outreach efforts to the members of the public.

“The move to the new Window Rock office allows us to be more visible to the public,” said LM Public Participation Specialist Shawn Montgomery. “We are now located among busy established businesses with a large storefront, providing more opportunity to engage with the public.”

The Window Rock office supports many functions from STEM outreach with the partnering Navajo Nation Office of Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) and the office serves as an information hub for federal and tribal partners and stakeholders. Two LM Public Affairs contracting staff work full time from the Window Rock office to provide outreach support to the four LM sites in the Navajo Nation.

The new office is a blessing for our outreach efforts here in the Navajo Nation,” said LMSP Outreach Coordinator Kayla Bia. “It’s in a better location, and will be readily accessible for us to provide our resources to our people. We’re thrilled.”

The office is also home to the Navajo Nation Community Outreach Network, a group of federal and tribal agencies which are tasked with coordinating and supporting the multi-agency effort through outreach, planning, and information sharing under the Ten-Year Plan.

“This space will allow us room to grow,” Montgomery added. “We will be able to expand our programs even further and have the opportunity to reach a wider audience. The new office has space for our federal and tribal partners to meet in person and discuss issues.”

Since inception, the Window Rock office has worked to become a centralized resource for community members and tribal and federal partners.  Multiple outreach programs have expanded greatly over the past few years.  STEM outreach in the Navajo Nation has grown to include annual middle school, high school, and higher education events. The Window Rock office supports LM’s effort to encourage and inspire current and future generations of STEM students.

The move began June 13, and the office is now ready to welcome the community Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The public can visit the new location at the Navajo Nation Shopping Center near the Navajo Westerners Ace Hardware in Suite 10.

“LM is excited about the new space and getting the chance to make new connections in the community,” Montgomery said. “We look forward to all the future outreach events and continuing LM’s mission to educate the community and future STEM workforce.”

The new Window Rock office will have a brighter, larger and more visible space for members of the public to visit and learn about LM’s work in the Navajo Nation.  LM staff plan to host an open house for federal and tribal partners to see the new space.