Tracy Ribeiro Honored by DOE
Members of the DOE Sustainability Performance Office present Tracy Ribeiro (right) with the DOE Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Award.

The U.S. Department of Energy has honored Office of Legacy Management Environment, Safety and Health, and Quality Assurance Team Lead Tracy Ribeiro and LM Support Partner Environmental Management System Coordinator Mary Sizemore, who received 2023 Lifetime Achievement Sustainability Awards.

DOE Sustainability Performance Office honored Ribeiro and Sizemore for their achievements relating to sustainable buildings, water, waste, and sustainable acquisition.

Both joined LM in 2007: Ribeiro as a site manager and LM EMS coordinator and Sizemore as the LMS EMS Sustainability Coordinator.  

The environmental management system is a foundation for a four-part continual cycle to reduce environmental impacts from LM work activities and service. EMS helps enhance environmental performance and objectives and fulfill environmental compliance and sustainability obligations.  

Since the rollout of EMS’s nine sustainability teams in 2008, Sizemore and Ribeiro have helped build the LM EMS team and turned LM toward a more sustainable future. Together, they developed an EMS Sustainability Teams Manual that outlines each sustainability team’s and team members’ roles and responsibilities (nine teams in total).

Ribeiro, with Sizemore's support, led a cross-functional sustainability team of more than 17 federal and 60 contract employees to tackle energy, water, waste, fleet management, sustainable buildings, resilience, ecosystems, electronics, and other initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable future.

“Since her arrival, Tracy has been an active leader in all areas of environmental program management,” Sizemore said. “She has continued to grow the EMS with her commitment, enthusiasm, and leadership working collaboratively to address social, environmental, and economic issues to create a better world. She has successfully shifted the workplace culture with little resistance and done an excellent job.”

Mary Sizemore Award
Mary Sizemore Lifetime Achievement 2023

In October 2022, LM promoted Ribeiro to environment, safety and health, and quality assurance team lead and as EMS manager sponsor.

Ribeiro’s leadership led to the development of the annual site sustainability plans and the vulnerability assessment and resilience plan, which addresses climate mitigation efforts. The VARP includes assessments across nine of 10 United States climate regions. Ribeiro also contributed to multiple winning submissions for seven DOE sustainability and management awards, including EPEAT Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool Purchaser Awards, a GreenGov Presidential Award, and National Federal Facility Excellence in Site Reuse Awards.

During her time at LM, Ribeiro has helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30%, reduced water consumption and energy usage, acquired 45% of LM’s electricity from renewable sources and more than 40% of energy from clean energy sources, expanded the LM recycling program to all sites and hosted an officewide recycling event, and diverted almost 100% of construction debris from solid waste landfills.

Sizemore has supported Ribeiro in these efforts and accomplishments. Sizemore works closely with federal and support staff to help facilitate EMS’s growth and continues to support LM’s mission to protect human health and the environment. She is an active member of the EMS core team and coordinates EMS working team meetings.

Sizemore’s efforts earned LM’s sustainability program several excellence awards, such as the 2022 High-Performance Sustainable Building Award for the Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center in Missouri.

“Mary has demonstrated her commitment to social, environmental, and economic issues to create a better world. She has lent a hand wherever it’s needed,” Ribeiro said. “Her support and collaborative spirit have led to increased focus on sustainability awareness and helped foster a change toward sustainability in employee behavior.”

Ribeiro accepted both plaques at the DOE Sustainability Summit in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 18. Both expressed gratitude and excitement in receiving such a prestigious honor.

“It’s great to be recognized for the years of dedication and I’m thankful for the LM and LMSP team for all their hard work and support,” Ribeiro added.