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The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy offers regional interactive workshops and forums designed to provide tribal leaders and their staff members with the information and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of developing and implementing energy projects.

Past Workshops & Forums

Date Workshop/Forum Location
02/07-08; 02/20-21; 05/15-16/2018  Alaska Regional Energy Workshops Unalaska, Alaska; Cordova, Alaska; Kodiak, Alaska
01/19-27/2017 Alaska Regional Energy Workshop Barrow, Alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska
Gulkana, Alaska
09/07/2016 Tribal Renewable Energy Workshop Golden, Colorado
06/07/2016 System Advisor Model Training Flagstaff, Arizona
02/09/2016 Community-Scale Tribal Renewable Energy Workshop Rancho Mirage, California
12/02/2015 BIA Providers Conference Energy Track Anchorage, Alaska
09/01/2015 Commercial-Scale Project Development and Finance Workshop Golden, Colorado
08/18/2015 Oil and Gas Technical Assistance Capabilities Forum Denver, Colorado
08/11/2015 ATNI Energy Summit 2015 Portland, Oregon
07/28/2015 Community-Scale Project Development and Finance Workshop Albuquerque, New Mexico
07/27/2015 Tribal Utility Formation Forum Albuquerque, New Mexico
06/09/2015 Community-Scale Project Development and Finance Workshop Norman, Oklahoma
03/23/2015 Facility- and Community-Scale Project Development Regional Energy Workshops Bethel, Alaska
03/04/2015 Climate Preparedness and Resiliency Forum Lincoln, California
09/18/2014 Tribal Energy Forum Browning, Montana
07/29/2014 Commercial-Scale Renewable Energy Project Development Workshop Golden, Colorado
07/24/2014 Waste-to-Energy: Waste Management and Energy Production Opportunities Washington, D.C.
07/09/2014 Biomass Renewable Energy Opportunities and Strategies Forum Portland, Oregon
05/14/2014 Financing and Investing in Tribal Renewable Energy Projects San Diego, California
04/29/2014 Alaska Native Village Energy Development Workshop Anchorage, Alaska
09/18/2013 Community- and Facility-Scale Tribal Renewable Energy Project Development and Finance Workshop Golden, Colorado
07/09/2013 Commercial-Scale Renewable Energy Project Development and Finance Workshop Golden, Colorado
05/30/2013 Leveraging Tribal Renewable Resources to Support Military Energy Goals Chandler, Arizona
08/13/2012 Key Renewable Energy Opportunities for Oklahoma Tribes Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
03/22/2012 Energy Tax Policies and Inter-Jurisdictional Challenges New Orleans, Louisiana
03/01/2012 Conventional Energy Forum & Associated Vertical Business Development: Best Practices in Indian Country Las Vegas, Nevada
02/07/2012 Exploring the Business Link Opportunity: Transmission and Clean Energy Development in the West Denver, Colorado
12/19/2011 Solar Energy Development in the Southwest Palm Springs, California