Patricia A. Hoffman
Acting Assistant Secretary, Office of Electricity
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A picture of the earth from space.

This 51st Earth Day is aptly themed “Restore Our Earth.” President Biden’s aggressive strategy for combating climate change – 100% clean energy by 2035 and a net zero economy by 2050 – is the boldest climate action plan in history and is a good start to restoring our earth. The Office of Electricity (OE) is proud to play a key role in meeting these goals and creating cutting-edge clean energy technologies and energy infrastructure improvements to help move the country toward our clean energy future. Solving the technological challenge of grid scale energy storage and making it economical is one of the forefront examples of innovative research OE is doing to contribute to the President’s goal.

Renewable energy like wind and solar are a major piece of the climate puzzle, but building a more resilient and efficient electrical grid is critical to our success. If we are going to add thousands of gigawatts of clean, renewable energy to the grid, we’ll need to make sure that energy is consistently available when and where it is needed most. This means continuing to revitalize our existing infrastructure and developing new and innovative technologies capable of supporting a modernized grid. 

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan will mobilize investment to support this modernization and the Department of Energy is in an important strategic leadership position to guide these investments.

But we've got to create public-private partnerships. The Department can't do this alone. We must tap into the world-class capabilities of the Department’s National Labs, the expertise of our Power Marketing Administrations, and the ingenuity of stakeholders to address the challenges and risks facing the nation’s electrical infrastructure.

The need to educate the next generation workforce is also critical. We've got to bring a renewed sense of innovation into the workforce and get graduates from colleges and universities excited about being in this industry.

When I look back, I see the tremendous success we’ve had in grid modernization and advancing information technology. We've created an excitement around the grid space that hadn’t been there. This is the future, the clean energy future, and if we are to meet our clean energy goals, we need to keep this excitement going.