November 27, 2017

Management Challenges at the Department of Energy – Fiscal Year 2018

While the fiscal year (FY) 2018 challenge areas remain largely consistent with those in previous years, based on the results of our work over the last year, we made a few changes.  As a result, the FY 2018 management challenges include the following:

• Contract Oversight

  •  Contractor Management
  •  Subcontract Management

• Cybersecurity
• Environmental Cleanup
• Nuclear Waste Disposal
• Safeguards and Security
• Stockpile Stewardship
• Infrastructure Modernization

The changes to this year’s report includes the addition of Subcontract Management as a component of Contract Oversight.  Over the past year, the work of the OIG has shown Subcontract Management is an increasing challenge for the Department.  Given the large volume of contracts awarded by the Department and its management and operating contractors and the need for adequate oversight of subcontractors, we added Subcontract Management as a component of the Contract Oversight challenge.

The OIG also prepared an annual Watch List, which incorporates other issues that do not meet the threshold of a management challenge, yet in our view, warrant special attention by Department officials.  For FY 2018, the Watch List includes the Department’s Employee Concerns Program, the Power Marketing Administrations, Human Capital Management, the Loan Guarantee Program, and Worker and Community Safety.


Environmental Cleanup
Financial Assistance
Human Resources
Management & Administration
National Security & Safety
Science and Innovation