December 4, 1998

Transportation Safeguards Division Courier Work Schedules and Escort Vehicle Replacements

The Office of Inspector General's (OIG) April 1995 report, Audit of Transportation Safeguards Division Couriers' Work Schedules, found that couriers received too much overtime and incurred too much unproductive time. This finding occurred because the Transportation Safeguards Division (TSD) employed a traditional work schedule that did not meet the demands of the job. The report recommended implementing an alternative work schedule that corresponded more closely to the couriers' actual work requirements. Management agreed to conduct a comparative analysis of work schedules to evaluate potential savings. The objectives of this audit were to (1) follow up on actions taken as a result of the OIG's previous report, (2) determine if courier work schedules are cost effective, and (3) determine the cost effectiveness of escort vehicle replacements.