Welcome to the home page of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General. Our mission is to help the Department and the American taxpayer by:

Strengthening the integrity, economy, and efficiency of the Department’s programs and operations.

In our service we have:

  • Assisted the Department, including the National Nuclear Security Administration, in identifying key management challenges such as the aging of the nuclear weapons complex infrastructure and the emerging human capital crisis;
  • Facilitated efforts to reform Department security, by identifying both systemic and situational vulnerabilities;
  • Annually audited the agency's financial statements, helping to ensure that the Department does that which every American business must do: balance its books;
  • Highlighted opportunities for reductions in overhead costs in environmental management and defense programs;
  • Investigated and helped bring to justice those who have committed crimes against the Department, with recent special emphasis on cyber crimes at an agency which owns and operates some of the most sophisticated supercomputers in the world; and
  • Issued a host of reports identifying concrete opportunities to reform Department: contract management; waste management; environment, safety and health stewardship; research and development; major facilities and project construction and operation; and human capital.

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