Brad Crabtree, ASFECM
Brad Crabtree, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy and Carbon Management

It is impossible to meet this era’s defining challenges without the contributions and leadership of African nations. In an African context, efforts to tackle climate change must encompass a broad range of priorities, including domestic energy access and security, diversifying the continent’s energy mix, and building sustainable supply chains, while conserving and restoring ecosystems and rich natural resources.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is committed to working closely with African governments and private sector companies to help identify solutions and partnership opportunities as they determine how to best meet their specific energy needs.

“The Biden-Harris Administration sees partnership and cooperation with Africa as central to our common future,” said Brad Crabtree, the Assistant Secretary for DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management. “These efforts are grounded in the need to expand energy access for hundreds of millions of Africans who lack reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy, and to improve global energy security while advancing our climate goals.”

Between October 3-7, 2022, DOE Deputy Secretary David Turk and Assistant Secretary Crabtree and will travel to Cape Town, South Africa to participate in  Africa Oil Week (AOW) and the Green Energy Africa Summit (GEAS) to learn more from our African partners and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Expected to attract 80+ countries, 30+ ministers, and 500+ companies, AOW will provide a global platform to discuss sustainable development of African energy resources in a low-carbon global market. GEAS, a sister event to accelerate the adoption of renewable and low-carbon energy across Africa, will take place alongside AOW at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

DOE’s participation in these events builds off of the U.S.-Africa Strategy launched by the U.S. Secretary of State during his visit to South Africa in August, which reflects on Sub-Saharan Africa’s complexity—its diversity, strength, and influence—and focuses on what the United States will do with African nations and peoples, not for African nations and peoples.

DOE Participation in Africa Oil Week and the Green Energy Africa Summit

Both Deputy Secretary Turk and Assistant Secretary Crabtree will meet with their African counterparts and speak in the following sessions:

October 4th:

  • Deputy Secretary Turk – Pan-African GEAS Panel: "The Green Transition. The Decade to Deliver."
  • Assistant Secretary Crabtree – Plenary Keynote: “A Government’s Perspective: Facilitating Clean Hydrogen Development with Natural Gas and Carbon Management.”

October 5th:

  • Deputy Secretary Turk – GEAS Keynote: U.S. Energy Strategy and Partnerships with Sub-Saharan Africa.”
  • Assistant Secretary Crabtree – AOW Keynote: “Promoting Energy Access and Security: The Role of Responsible & Sustainable African Natural Gas Development in a Net-Zero Energy Future,” at the USA National Showcase.

October 6th:

  • Assistant Secretary Crabtree – Leads an AOW Workshop: “The Role of Responsible Natural Gas Development in Supporting Africa’s Clean Energy Future, Ensuring Energy Access and Fostering Global Energy Security.”

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