David Abelson EMAB Board Member

David Abelson

Abelson Partners, LLC

David M. Abelson is the founder and Managing Director of Abelson Partners, LLC, a Colorado-based strategic planning, government affairs, and communications firm specializing in complex regional and national policy issues. Mr. Abelson is an attorney with more than 23 years of experience working with senior administration officials, Congress, state and local officials, business leaders and the press. His current portfolio includes advising and representing local governments, non-governmental organizations and small business on issues ranging from nuclear weapons cleanups to environmental protections strategies.

Mr. Abelson’s professional experience includes serving as District Counsel for former-Representative David Skaggs, and as the Executive Director of the Rocky Flats Coalition of Local Governments. Under Mr. Abelson’s leadership, the Rocky Flats Coalition established itself as a national model for how local governments can successfully partner to address the many complex technical and policy issues central to the cleanup of nuclear weapons facilities. Mr. Abelson’s ongoing Rocky Flats work encompasses serving as the Executive Director of the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council, a local government-community organization focused on the post-closure management of Rocky Flats. 

Mr. Abelson is a graduate of the University of Colorado, School of Law.  He lives in Boulder, Colo. He is a marathoner who occasionally masquerades as a triathlete. 

Mr. Abelson serves on EMAB as a special government employee to provide expert advice on issues related to environmental stewardship, strategic planning and risk assessment. He was appointed to the Board in October 2018.