Sewage Treatment Facility at TA-21 before demolition

Debris from demolition of TA-21 Sewage Treatment Facility


  • Safety and health record for November is good


  • Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Bridge Contract commenced October 1
  • Future cleanup contract is under development

Key Actions

  • The EM-LA Corrective Action Plan, prepared in response to the Accident Investigation Board's Accident Investigation Report, was released on November 24
  • Staff recruitments continue, including a deputy manager and a waste management specialist

Key Events

  • Storm Water Individual Permit Public Meeting on December 9
  • WIPP Town Hall Meeting on January 7
  • NNMCAB Combined Committee Meeting on January 13
  • NNMCAB Board Meeting on January 27

D&D Progress

  • Demolition of the Sewage Treatment Facility at Technical Area 21 is complete
  • An excavator and concrete breaker were used for much of the work, which took four weeks to complete

TRU Waste Progress

  • The Unremediated Nitrate Salt sampling integrated process and procedure for sampling is near final form
  • Remediated Nitrate Salt (RNS) storage inspections continue to be implemented effectively

Soil/Groundwater Progress

  • A final Environmental Assessment was released  on December 16 for the Chromium Project’s interim measure and plume center characterization
  • A Finding of No Significant Impact was issued on December 16 for the Chromium Project’s planned actions