Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals

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Weatherization is always critical to introducing and deploying technology and facilitating greater industry adoption. An entire industry – the home performance industry – is based on the skills perfected by weatherization. Over the past five years, the weatherization network and the private sector have established the Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals including Standard Work Specifications for Home Energy Upgrades (SWS), and Home Energy Professional certifications along with accreditation of energy-efficiency training programs. Weatherization agencies also create a market for American manufacturing, using products and equipment from local sources, benefitting the business community in the regions they serve. The Weatherization Assistance Program has created an industry, producing new jobs and technologies, all while helping the most vulnerable families in America.

Information on: 

  • Standard Work Specifications

    Industry-approved work specifications define acceptable outcomes for weatherization and home energy upgrades.

  • Home Energy Professional Certifications

    Workers who demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and technical proficiency by passing an accredited certification exam can become certified home energy professionals.

  • Accredited Training Centers

    Standardized training programs ensure that individuals receive the proper training to do the quality work defined in the Standard Work Specifications for Home Energy Upgrades.

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