Lowering costs and addressing barriers to the deployment of wind energy—including offshore, land-based, and distributed—is imperative to achieve the Biden-Harris Administration’s goal of a carbon-free electricity sector by 2035. Supported by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, an upcoming $28 million funding opportunity will:

  • Advance high-voltage direct current technologies needed for offshore wind transmission—$9.7 million
  • Advance understanding of offshore wind community impacts and help affected communities more effectively participate in and capture benefits from offshore wind development—$6.9 million
  • Improve technologies designed to deter bats from interacting with wind turbines—$8 million
  • Develop innovative zoning and permitting processes to make distributed wind more accessible to community members in localities where distributed wind can be cost-effectively and equitably deployed—$3.3 million

For more information read the full Notice of Intent and the announcement.