DOE’s Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer program awarded $137 million to American small businesses in 30 states, addressing missions primarily focused on clean energy research and development. The Phase II awards, which are for projects in the prototype or processing development stage, include two funded by the Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO) and one co-funded by WETO and the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO):

  • Wildlife Imaging System LLC: Hinesburg, VT ($1,150,000)—WETO-funded research that will create an automated wildlife activity and mortality detection system to quantify the amount and timing of interactions between wildlife and wind energy technology.
  • Intergrid, LLC: Temple, NH ($1,150,000)—WETO-funded proposal that will develop inverter hardware and advanced software controllers that can meet certification requirements and lower costs.
  • Quantum Ventura: San Jose, CA ($1,150,000)—WETO and AMO joint topic project that focuses on extracting valuable and nationally critical rare earth metals and rare earths from e-waste.