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This story was updated on May 31, 2018.

The Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) seeks information from the public on a draft report that details the current economic and technical landscapes for 12 maritime markets where applications may exist for marine energy technologies. The markets are: Ocean Observations, Unmanned Underwater Vehicles/Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Recharge, Data Centers, High Cost Utility Grids, Isolated Community Grids, Canal Power, Aquaculture, Algae, Desalination of Seawater, Seawater Mining, Shoreline Protection, and Disaster Relief and Recovery. 

WPTO is seeking feedback on the content of the draft report, input on the value of each market, and recommendations on next steps and future efforts to investigate potential markets. The office seeks stakeholder feedback by 5:00pm (ET) on July 31, 2018. Read more.