The Energy Department is accepting applications for the latest round of funding under section 242 of Energy Policy Act of 2005, which provides funding for projects adding hydroelectric power generating capabilities to existing dams and impoundments throughout the United States. Applications for this new round of funding are due September 6, 2017.

Hydropower is the largest renewable energy source in the United States, yet tens of thousands of dams across the country don’t produce power. Adding generation equipment to these sites could add up to 12 GW of new hydropower capacity to the grid, and using existing dam infrastructure can lower construction costs and reduce permitting time—meaning hydropower is added to the grid faster.

Each application will be reviewed based on the Guidance. This year, the Guidance was updated to include a statement from the owner or authorized operator indicating what the incentive has been used for in previous years and, if awarded, what the incentive will be used for in the upcoming year. The response will not affect the eligibility decision or the amount of the incentive to be received.

Applicants that received incentive payments for prior calendar years must submit a full application addressing all eligibility requirements for hydroelectricity generated and sold in calendar year 2016.