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The Federal Consortium for Advanced Batteries (FCAB) brings together Federal agencies that are interested in ensuring a domestic supply of lithium batteries and are committed to accelerating the development of a robust and secure domestic industrial base.

The FCAB encourages cooperation and coordination across the U.S. Government agencies’ advanced battery efforts and seeks to develop a healthy domestic ecosystem. The consortium is led by the Departments of Energy, Defense, Commerce, and State and includes many organizations across the government.

Just released! Download the NATIONAL BLUEPRINT FOR LITHIUM BATTERIES 2021–2030, developed by FCAB, which lays out a holistic approach to accelerate the development of a robust, secure, and healthy domestic research and industrial base for lithium based batteries.   

The blueprint lays out five critical goals and key actions to guide federal agency collaboration to secure the nation’s long-term economic competitiveness and create good-paying jobs for American workers, while supporting the Biden Administration’s decarbonization goals.

Learn more about FCAB, download the FCAB fact sheet.

For more information contact:  VTO@ee.doe.gov